Roland FP-30 Bk

Digital Piano

  • 88 Keys
  • Keyboard: PHA-IV Action with ivory touch
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection
  • Sound generation: Supernatural Piano
  • 35 Different sounds with a max. polyphony 128 voices
  • Transpose
  • Built-in metronome
  • SMF Recorder for ideas
  • Keyboard modes: Norma, Dual, Split and Twin Piano
  • 8 Standard support rhythms
  • Audio playback of WAV files (44.1 kHz / 16 bit)
  • MIDI playback from USB sticks
  • Illuminated controls
  • Powerful speaker system 2x 11 W - 12 cm
  • Maximum sound pressure level: 102 dB
  • DC IN jack
  • USB Computer port: USB Type B
  • USB MEMORY connector: USB Type A
  • Headphone jacks (used as output socket): Stereo mini-jack, stereo 6.3 mm jack
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 130 x 28.4 x 15 cm
  • Weight: 14.1 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Incl. power supply, music sheet holder, single pedal
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Audio Examples

  • Demo Song 1
  • E-Piano
  • Orchestra Demo
  • Piano Demo 1
  • Piano Demo 2
  • Strings Demo
  • E-Piano 2
  • Clavinet
  • E-Piano 3
  • Grand-Jazz
  • Honkytonk-Piano
  • Perc Organ
  • Polysynth
  • Vibraphone
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A bit background:

I have an upright acoustic Yamaha that I play during the day, I picked this up from Thomann so in my moments of inspiration... in the middle of the night... the neighbours won't need to call the cops ;)

I wanted the feel of my upright but with earphones to bang away at the keys in the night without upsetting my silly non musical neighbours ;)

I first picked up a Kawai KS 100 from Thomann, but I found that lacking in the "feel", I gave that back and
I switched to this Roland (a wee bit more expensive compared to the Kawai) but no regrets!

I love the feel of this piano's keys, so much like an acoustic baby grand or an upright!

Love the sound!

Looks sturdy and feels like a quality piece - I was told about Roland's quality but never owned one, now I'm glad I do!

Cons (for me) :
It comes with just 3 piano voicings, the Kawai came with a lot more

The volume buttons are figgity, a simple slider, knob or digital display would have been better.

A little digital display, nothing fancy - something like those found on the old Casio watches, would have been REALLY helpful to know many of the settings at a glance...

The pedal! Oh god, the pedal!
It's one of the cheapest, flimsiest most plastic pedals in existence! It just screams "dump me and buy a proper pedal ASAP"

I've noticed this with Yamaha as well, the default "free" pedal is usually so bad, companies don't even put their name on the damn thing! They can't tell you to buy an expensive pedal from their catalog so they give you this plastic blob of a thing that makes you wish you were a rocket scientist, just so you could hurl this abomination into the sun!!!


Overall / summery: I love it ;)

Please rate my review, it alerts Thomann of my genius and encourages me to write more smack!
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Pro piano at budget price
Mimiwaong, 04.12.2020
I have had this piano for 2 years. I bought it for my 8 years son to start the piano class. I also recommended to 2 of my friends, they've purchased the same.
the good about this piano are:-
1st, the sound and touch, any key sounds like the real piano from beginning to end, do not like digital extended sounds.
The keys are weighted, the sound responds to your press strength, and surface touch feels like a real piano.
2nd, compact design, suitable for small homes like mine and easy to carry around when needed to.
3rd, Bluetooth connection to a mobile app, so parents can control sound effects and metronome and monitor what has been practised.
4th, budget, this is not the cheapest piano in the market also not the cheapest in this brand, but consider the technology applied to sound and weighted keys, this price is a real bargain.
Invest in a piano is a big decision both for the parents and the child. I was in and out the instrument stores for a while to hear the sound and feel the touches and did a lot of research online for the comments of each leading brand in entry-level digital pianos.
I have to say this model price is perfect for a beginner, but the sound quality and the touches are far beyond the price, especially when you comparing with other brands in the same price range.

I guess the reason for this budget is this model didn't waste money on the paints the polishing of case or the stand. It just offers you a piano packed with mature technology.

To me, this model suits me perfect.
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Very good value for money.
Jurijs M., 02.06.2020
This Roland is the cheapest stage piano with heavy keys in Roland range, but it doesn't mean that sound bank is terrible. Sounds are high quality and it's a pleasure to play it every time you switch it on! Would be nice to have different switches and knobs, for example, for volume adjustment, it's better to put in a stepless regulator, but they fitted two buttons, andthen it would be nice to have a small screen with another two buttons for changing instruments which is not that expensive but they throw this idea away... And then is the app... It works, but would be nice to download other timbres and add some settings to instruments and equalizer and to tune instrument for different needs, which they didn't do! Despite of that it's a really good piano and for it's price it's a good bargain. Midi works great via USB and two (jack and mini jack) inputs for headphones allow to record sound of instrument directly and without any excess wires and adapters. Body is plastic (lighter), but fantastic and strong. Keys do not make any odd or unusual sounds, they feel good and feel of pressing keys is even on every key through all range. If you are short on finance then Roland FP-30 is a good choice.
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Perfect for Practice, Credible as a Master
Treets, 28.05.2020
My use scenario is:

A) a piano that snuggles up against the wall with little depth and built-in speakers;

B) a master keyboard that would allow me to hook up to Logic or Garage Band ad hoc via Bluetooth when inspiration strikes.

As a piano, it's surprisingly satisfying given the price. The keys feel pleasant, the mechanical squeaks and creaks are few, and the built-in sounds are basically nice, though I did a bit of tweaking on the grand to beef up the bottom a tiny bit. I have no need for varied sounds, so the built-in library was fine.

The connectivity is not quite as straightforward as I'd hoped. After upgrading the Roland firmware to the very latest version, I could get the Bluetooth connection to work, but you do need to remember some hidden menu functions (fn - key note). Also, the unit doesn't just reconnect to devices it knows. It would have been nice to have a dedicated key function for the number of commands needed to switch over from piano mode to silent master keyboard mode.

But in general, and definitely for the price, It's been the best of a few worlds for me. Happy.
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