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Top 5 Basses of 2020

Top 5 Basses of 2020

The jury sat down and brooded over which basses were ahead this year. Given the large number of candidates, this selection was by no means easy. The final round was made up of models which meet the most diverse requirements from beginners to professionals: the real workhorses of the low frequency department. Take a look for yourself:

H?fner Ignition TBK SE

Memories are brought back with the H?fner Ignition SE. The bass is based on the ‘70s model, with SE meaning “Special Edition“. That’s why it comes with the original teacup knobs on the classic control panel, which are actually used on the more expensive models. Visually, it also scores with the individual mechanisms with pearloid plastic knobs, pearloid pickguard, and the white top & bottom binding. The medium scale bass has two H?fner Ignition Staple Humbuckers on board, which in combination with the hollow body provide the desired vintage sound. The bass is available in transparent black and sunburst. Sir Paul fan or not, you should definitely check this bass out!

Ibanez EHB1000-PWM

The low frequency addiction factor is included with the purchase of a 4-string EHB1000-PWM from Ibanez. It really stands out due to the stylish lines of its body! The hammer-like 5-strip neck, for example, shows the massive attention to detail. In addition, it is a headless model, which underlines the visual uniqueness and at the same time supports the balanced weight distribution and the vibration behaviour. You’ll find two Bartolini BH2 pickups, active Varimid 3-band EQ and the sophisticated EQ bypass switch. Cool looks hand in hand with a powerful, distinctive sound! Be sure to keep it in your Christmassy thoughts!

Fender SQ CV50 PBass MN 2SB

The Fender SQ CV50 PBass MN 2SB is clearly aimed at friends of the first bass from Leo Fender’s workshop. The precision bass is faithfully modeled after the legendary 1950 model and delivers the authentic sound and look of those times. This passive P-Bass convinces with its warm, round sound character and takes bass players and their audiences on a trip from the day before yesterday to the day after tomorrow. Of course, this little darling is equipped with a single coil pickup placed in the middle. The Squier Bass is characterized by deliberate purism and is a perfect example of reliable musical craftsmanship at a budget-friendly price. Wish-list material, am I right?

Sterling by Music Man Stingray 4 HH MN Daphne Blue

This 4-string from Sterling by Music Man is a long scale in the typical Stingray look. Visually it enters the stage with a body in the hip Daphne Blue finish, chrome hardware and the usual drop-shaped white pickguard. And let’s not forget the roasted maple neck and the 3/1-arrangement of the tuning pegs. Under the hood you’ll find active electronics. It is equipped with 3-band EQ and two Alnico humbuckers designed by Music Man, which can be controlled in many different ways via the 5-way switch. The desired fat and dynamic sound is supported by the mahogany body. Well thought-out equipment and bright, brilliant sound. Wow-factor included!

Spector Euro SX 5 BKCL

The Spector Euro SX has just entered the market this year. The two EMG pickups, together with the active electronics and BTS tone control, ensure a powerful, dynamic and low-noise sound. Visually, the bass from the Euro Series convinces with the contrast between its glossy black finish and blingy gold hardware. Other pleasing details are the optimally adjusted double cut-proportions and the brand-faithful headstock. If you need a 5-string with high aesthetic value and real focus on the bass frequencies, you should definitely take a look at the long scale of this legendary bass manufacturer. Ultimately, this new model, like many of its predecessors, has the unconditional potential to become a cult bass.

There is our top 5 electric basses, the highlight of the low end of 2020! Which would you choose as your number one? Which would you add to the list? Let us know!

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